ValuePerform® tool

How does ValuePerform® work?

During the information gathering stage, ValuePerform® is an Internet browser-based data collection tool. This ensures a highly efficient process since participants are not required to contribute simultaneously, nor be present at the same location. The data gathering consists of both objective and subjective data and full anonymity for each participant is ensured.

ValuePerform® adapts the input requests to the circumstances of the company. Thereby the ValuePerform questionnaire becomes dynamic tool which is uniquely composed by ValuePerform on the basis of what specifically characterizes the company i.e. industry sector, customer value proposition, company size, current strategy and customer focus. ValuePerform recognizes in its computation that any company will always gravitate towards one of three kinds of focus: i) Complete customer solutions, ii) Product leader and iii) Operational excellence.

A company such as Dell has a distinct preponderance of “Operational excellence”, whereas a company such as Apple has an obvious preponderance of “Product Leader”. A Microsoft VAR will predominantly drive a “Complete customer solutions” approach .

Additionally, ValuePerform® has been developed to support a number of industry verticals for further customization and specificity.

Having collected all relevant data from the company, ValuePerform® then analyzes and prepares detailed reports documenting the results of the analysis. Part of the documentation is presented as highly visual graphics of gap analysis. The output is presented on large wall charts and individual reports for each of the participants. These deliverables ensures easy understanding by the participants of the key messages from the process.

Finally, the ValuePerform® consultant conducts a workshop where all of the ValuePerform® output is discussed and where consensus is reached on key follow-up action points required.

Benefits of using ValuePerform®

ValuePerform® provides a series of attractive benefits compared to the traditional consulting approach.

  • ValuePerform® is based on an internationally widely, recognized methodology.
  • Cost efficient due to an automated lean information gathering process. Average answering process time for the participants answering the web-based questionnaire is 35 minutes.
  • In less than an hour ValuePerform® analyzes and prepares professional and easily comprehensible detailed reports documenting the results of the analysis and presents a visual gap analysis between “Importance” and “Performance” i.e. the “Embedded Potential” in each of the particular management areas. “Importance” is considered and challenged in relation to the future perspective of strategy focus and customer value.
  • Use of ValuePerform® ensures a consistent high quality process with 360 degrees perspective. Nothing is overlooked, nothing is randomized.
  • The ValuePerform® enables the strategy articulation processed to be conducted with an efficiency and effectiveness far superior to the manually based, consultant intensive processes used elsewhere.
  • The ValuePerform approach leads to a specific assessment of strategy - ready for implementation  - and more importantly based on course of actions that will unify the executive team.
  • ValuePerform® captures and stores input from each participant in a database. Each completed analysis is also stored. Over time, it is thus possible to do extensive benchmarking, even at very detailed level. This provides unique insight into results of each analysis.
  • ValuePerform® is backed up by a network of accredited consultants, each of whom has received training in the tool and passed a certification test. ValuePerform® consultants ensure that each company experiences a strategy process that is consistent, high quality and well documented. Because of the efficiency of the tool and the professionalism of the consultants, the consultant’s time can be spent delivering maximum value to the company.

Delivering value to the company

Because of its use of browser-based data collection, automated generation of output graphics and reports and certified methodology, ValuePerform® makes it economically feasible to conduct high quality strategy definition processes at organizational units of much smaller size than previously possible. In this fashion, strategy implementation can, if desired, be carried out as a waterfall model, enabling truly pervasive programs.

Since ValuePerform® is such a highly structured and documented process, it presents a unique opportunity to benchmark organizational units against each other over time. This feeds into a virtuous circle of benchmarking against best of breed.

Typical ValuePerform®  Timeline

What can ValuePerform be used for?

ValuePerform is a 360º strategy/company analysis, which can be used for:

  • Strategy development
  • Strategy evaluation
  • Control/benchmarking of branches and subsidiary companies
  • Generational shift
  • Purchase and sale of a company
  • Managing Director/Management recruitment
  • Preparatory research/analysis prior to an organization’s development or transformation projects
  • Burning platform for the establishment of Balanced Scorecard
  • A resource for a company’s board

What are the benefits of ValuePerform for consultants?

The benefits of ValuePerform for you and your consultant colleagues include: 


  • You cut down on interview time
  • You make the strategic process more effective
  • You can quickly conduct preparatory research
  • You can more easily make improvements visible
  • You gain an effective and precise overview for a small investment
  • The analysis deals with every single aspect of a company, so nothing is omitted
  • The management team have their disagreements brought out into the open in an objective and visual way

For consultants ValuePerform means that your clients can quickly and effectively see the company’s strategic challenges. This facilitates a more effective and precise solution to the strategy process or transformation project etc. and can provide you and your customers with even better business results.

What are the benefits of ValuePerform for Senior Management?

For a Senior Management commissioning a ValuePerform analysis the benefits include:

  • A quick and precise overview of the company’s challenges
  • An effective gathering and structuring of information (saving on interview time)
  • You can see every aspect of the company – nothing is overlooked
  • A process that creates common ground in the management team
  • A professional report that is quick to read and easily comprehensible
  • You have your disagreements brought out into the open in an objective and visual way
  • A process that leads to a concrete plan of action – ready to put immediate use!
  • You can measure improvements, thereby evaluating your contribution
  • (You can evaluate our consultancy skills)


ValuePerform creates both value (in the form of a quick, effective, qualified process) and better results.